Zetland Church – Our Future


17th October 2021

 The Ministers and Session Clerks continue to meet regularly to discuss the future of how we progress to one Church in Grangemouth – at the moment we are creating a time-line for various actions/changes.

At the last United Kirk Session/Congregational Board meeting there were less that 25% of Church Elder’s in attendance across the three congregations. Some Church members attended the meeting. The next meeting will be on  Wednesday 1st December at 7pm. Venue to be decided.


11th August 2021

Statement from the Grangemouth Ministers and Session Clerks- Aug 10th 2021

During the pandemic, it has been difficult to communicate with you all as congregations regarding the future of the Church of Scotland in Grangemouth.

This is just a little note to say that following the General Assembly in May, the Agreed Presbytery Plan for 1 congregation in Grangemouth with 1 minister was sisted (stopped). This does not mean the plan won’t happen, but just that it won’t happen imminently. The 3 ministers will be working together, and aim to draw up a Basis of Team Ministry, which will prepare for the way forward.

The General Assembly in May 2021 passed a new Act called the Presbytery Mission Plan Act, requiring Presbyteries to bring a new plan to Presbytery by Dec 2022. Therefore although the process has begun, the planned outcome of 1 minister and 1 building will not happen soon- mainly due to all presbytery plans being sisted; all vacancies after Dec 2021 being sisted to allow for more radical plans! Falkirk Presbytery started this task with the agreed plan in 2020. Please do not listen to any rumours you hear.

However, that doesn’t mean we stop seeking ways to worship and work together, and so the ministers and session clerks of the 3 congregations have agreed there should be another united meeting on Sept 22nd. The venue has still to be decided, depending on covid restrictions.

The ministers and session clerks have been meeting regularly during the pandemic, to discuss how it will be possible to move forward and so we do hope and pray that you, our members, will come along to this meeting, as the future involves you. Before Covid, members of the kirk sessions and congregations met, and so we hope this meeting will bring us all back together.



15th November 2020

Rev. Aftab Gohar                      Rev. Ronald Matandakufa                          Rev. Alison Meikle

  Mr John Russell                                 Mrs Helen Scott                                     Mr Woody Speirs

Abbotsgrange Church                  Kirk of the Holy Rood                               Zetland Church

                                                The Church of Scotland in Grangemouth.


Dear                                                               ,

The Future of the Church in Grangemouth.

Following the decision of Falkirk Presbytery on Tuesday 28th October, agreeing the whole Presbytery plan, which includes 1 minister, 1 OLM (Ordained Local Minister) and sharing 1 MDS (Ministry Development Staff) with Bo’ness, and 1 Church building in Grangemouth, we are writing this letter to inform you about this. Our congregations have known the plan was coming, but not when, or if it would be agreed, but the financial crisis the National Church is facing, has expedited the radical nature of planning within the Church. Covid has changed the Church of Scotland forever, and has compounded the crisis the Church is in.

In Grangemouth, the Ministers and Session Clerks have been working well together, the Sessions have been meeting and are beginning our journey together. We are missing so many of you, due to Covid, and so we want to give you the opportunity to know about the planned changes facing the Church in Grangemouth, but also to hear about your thoughts and concerns about the future, especially since the Presbytery plan has been agreed.

We know and understand some of you are missing the church fellowship and find change difficult, but we value your thoughts and comments. Please be assured that no decisions about the future have been taken by the Ministers and Session Clerks, and we do hope you will be part of the discussions for the future of the church in Grangemouth.

As congregations, we must keep talking together but more importantly work more closely together and to do that we need your help. If you have any suggestions/ comments, please send them to your Session Clerk.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday December 16th at 7pm on zoom, and is open to everyone, online or on the phone, and we hope you will be able to participate in the discussions. Please speak to your minister or Session Clerk for the login details.

We all hope this letter finds you well. Please do not hesitate in contacting any of us.

God Bless,


Aftab Gohar,                                   Ronald Matandakufa,                               Alison Meikle

John Russell,                                    Helen Scott,                                                 Woody Speirs




1st November 2020


Here is a copy of an intimation which will be given to each of the congregations of Abbotsgrange, KHR and Zetland on Sunday 1st November. This intimation was agreed by the Ministers and Session Clerks and we look forward to sharing our views and ideas in the coming weeks/months as we proceed towards one church in Grangemouth

 ‘Following the decision of Falkirk Presbytery on Tuesday night, agreeing the Presbytery plan for there to be 1 minister, 1 OLM (Ordained Local Minister) sharing 1 MDS (Ministry Development Staff) with Bo’ness and 1 building:

We have known the plan was coming, so we need to keep talking together and it requires us all to work more closely together and we need your help. And so we have created some steps to enable the church in Grangemouth to move forward.

 Step 1- Creation of the Vision Statement for the Church in Grangemouth.

Step 2- What does the vision statement mean for the church in Grangemouth?

Step 3- What are the consequences of the statement? What does that mean for us?

Step 4- How do we arrive at our end goal?

 The Presbytery has set the date of April 2021, for the areas of Presbytery to have designated their buildings. If you have any suggestions/ comments, please give them to the Session Clerk. We need to do this quickly- we have a short time. At this time Grangemouth still has 3 ministers. No decisions have been taken by the ministers and session clerks, we hope you will be part of the discussions for the future of the church in Grangemouth. 

Our next meeting is open to all on zoom, whether online or on the phone and we hope you will participate in the discussions’.

 Please give some consideration to the four steps contained in the intimation. This item will be discussed at our CB/KS meeting on Monday evening.