Reopening Zetland Parish Church


21st September 2020

Our Church Is Open Again!

Yesterday, Sunday 20th September Zetland Parish Church in Grangemouth successfully reopened for private prayer.

The attendance was greater than expected and the Minister had made up an excellent slide show that was played on the large screen with relaxing music in the background. Although pew cushions have been removed and the doors had to be left open to comply with Covid-19 rules it was not cold or draughty in the Church and most people stayed for the full hour so sitting on the pews couldn’t have been too uncomfy!

Although being in the Church is very different since we were last there in March everyone adapted well to the new way of using hand sanitiser on entry and exit, observing the 2 metres distancing lines on the floor, using the one way system through the Church, checking in with the Track & Trace desk and being guided to a seat by the Door Duty Team.

There were several favorable comments by members on exit and they are looking forward to coming back again next Sunday.

If you would like to come along on Sunday 27th September for Private Prayer phone 07762 743376 on Thursday 24th September between 6pm to 8pm or Friday 25th September between 10am to 12 Noon to reserve a seat.

14th September 2020


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We journey together in faith, believing that Jesus Christ is calling us all to ‘Come and see’ and ‘Follow me.’ As your minister, following the letter which I hope you received at the start of lockdown, I am delighted to write to you now, telling of our plans to re-open the church building in line with the Scottish government and Church of Scotland advice.

The Kirk Session has agreed to reopen the main sanctuary for private prayer on Sundays 20th and 27th September from 10.30-11.30am, and for Sunday worship in October, but this will be under constant review. The team of volunteers have worked hard in conjunction with Presbytery to ensure the appropriate steps have been taken and all safeguards are in place to make worshipping as safe as possible during this pandemic. As with any activity, the risk of infection is still real and present.

Worship and the church building will not be as it was on the 15th March, when we gathered face-to-face. We will continue to provide the service on YouTube and Facebook (including the option to watch later) and on the phoneline (01324266990). We have a limit of 42 people in the church building, so if you can take part online, we are encouraging you to consider this.

Worship in the church building will be different in the following ways:

• As you enter and exit, please maintain a physical distance of 2 m from others and use the hand sanitiser available.
• You will be met by a volunteer who will take you to your seat, as there will be a one way system in operation (in the main door, out the side door) Please note, it is likely you will not be in your usual pew.
• We have 42 seating places individually placed downstairs in the sanctuary, with a whole capacity including those on duty of 47 people. Sadly, if you turn up and we have reached capacity, we CANNOT make “extra space.” This isn’t an option, so to reserve your seat, please phone 07762743376 between 6-8pm on Thursday or 10-12noon on Friday before the Sunday service.
• On arrival at the Church you will be required to wear a face covering, this is now a legal requirement and you will be required to keep your face covering on until you have left the sanctuary. You will then be required to sanitise your hands and maintain a 2 metre distance. We will have a supply if you need one.
• Track and Trace -We must keep a record of a name and phone number from each household. This will be kept safely for 21 days according to GDPR rules.
• Within the sanctuary all the Bibles and cushions have been removed from the pews. There should not be any shaking of hands or any other forms of a physical welcome or farewell to each other and a 2m distance should be maintained at all times. The traditional method of passing the offering bag will not take place, instead a plate will be made available as you come into the sanctuary. If you have a number of free will offering envelopes, you may wish to write a single cheque for the total amount to place in one envelope or make a direct deposit or bank transfer to the church account. The minister or treasurer can supply details. There will be no singing allowed. At this point there will be no Sunday School in operation.
• Due to the requirement of ventilation, please ensure you wear something warm
• Toilets have only to be used if absolutely necessary and should this need arise then only the disabled toilet will be available.
• Once the Service is over there will be no teas and coffees afterwards, it will be a case of leaving the building maintaining social distancing at all times. It is envisaged that the Service will last for about 30 minutes.
• The church will be disinfected before and after every service (after 72hrs).
• You may find the assessment tool in Appendix 4 below, helpful when deciding if you should be attending or participating in church life by other means. The assessment tool is personal and should not be shared with anyone else. If you display symptoms of Covid-19, or are self-isolating due to living with someone who is displaying symptoms or as a result of contact tracing staying at home to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19, you must not attend church.

While, I look forward to seeing your faces, (1/2 faces with masks on), again at worship, I want everyone to know resources will continue to be provided for those who choose not to attend in person or who are unable to come to church.

We know this format is not ideal by any means, but it reflects the current requirements. We have to be sure, we have reduced any risks to a minimum to ensure your safety. We will continue to review the situation and make any necessary changes quickly. Please keep in touch with your elder or use facebook or the church website to keep uptodate.

We have a requirement to minimise risks, but we are also asking people to ensure that they feel comfortable with coming into the Church and that they feel safe. It will be up to each individual to decide when they feel it is right for them to participate in church life and should at all times think about their own health, safety and welfare (including those of their family) and those of the wider congregation.

I, and the Kirk Session will do whatever we can, to support all those under our care as best as we are able.

God bless,



Here is a link to the Risk Assessment tool to help you decide whether or not you should be attending church{
It is on page 49

5th September 2020

We are pleased to announce that Zetland Parish Church obtained permission from the Presbytery of Falkirk on 27th August 2020 to reopen our Church building here in Grangemouth.

At a meeting of the Kirk Session and Congregational Board on Wednesday 2nd of September2020 it was agreed that the Church will reopen on Sunday 20th September 2020 at 10.30am for private prayer. The Church will be open until 11.30am and people are welcome to come and go at any time within this one hour period.

We are now operating a Track & Trace system at Church therefore if you would like to come along please telephone 07762 743376 to book a seat. The phone line will be available on a Thursday evening from 6pm till 8pm and on a Friday from 10am till noon prior to Sunday Service/Sunday Prayer.

When you phone, we need to record your name and a contact telephone number to comply with Track & Trace guidance. Your details will be held for 21 days in a locked storage area within the church and then destroyed.

This system also helps us to manage the numbers visiting Church as due to social distancing regulations there are only 42 seats available in Church for public use. If there are more than 42 people asking for a seat, they will be given the opportunity to put their name on the attendance list for the next again Sunday Worship/Sunday Prayer.

Anyone who is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 or is self-isolating due to living with someone who is displaying symptoms or as a result of contact tracing staying at home to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19 must not attend Church.

Also, please consider your age and health condition before attending Church. The Church of Scotland has published an assessment tool to help you decide it you should be attending Church or should you be participating in Church activities by other means eg online services.
Here is a link to the Church of Scotland assessment tool that helps you towards making a decision regarding whether or not you should be attending Church.
The assessment tool is on page 44 of the document.

On arrival at Church please observe the social distancing lines marked on the block paving outside the Church and put on a face covering. In the entrance vestibule you will be welcomed by the Door Duty team and asked to follow the one way system in Church, use our hand sanitiser and then directed towards the Track & Trace desk.

At the Track & Trace desk, please give your name and telephone number to the person at the desk and they will record your attendance on the Track & Trace Record Sheet.

You will then be shown to a pew seat by a member of the Door Duty team. The seating area on the pews are marked by purple cards with a seat number and are spaced a minimum of 2 metres apart.

At the end of worship/prayer please leave the church as directed by the Door Duty team exiting by the south door and using the hand sanitiser before leaving the Church.

Church Reopening Team