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Zetland Parish Church is a Church of Scotland congregation in Grangemouth.

Historic Timeline of Zetland Parish Church

Circa 1770 A Mission was established in Grangemouth – People who wished to attend public worship walked to Falkirk, Bothkennar or Polmont.

1833 There were 18 male heads of family on the role of Falkirk Old Church.

1836 Presbytery received a proposal from Lord Dundas to build a church and erect it into a parish.

1837 The General Assembly declared Grangemouth a parish (Qoad Sacra). The church was the former West Church.

1843 The Earl of Zetland withdrew permission from the Church of Scotland to use the building as a church, the building having never been formally handed over to the Church of Scotland. At the disruption of that year the number of dissenters exceeded the number of established churchmen and the building was handed over to the Free Church.

1846 Members of the Church of Scotland being left with no minister and no place to worship became the special concern of the Presbytery and accommodation was secured in a local school near Canal Street and worship was led by members of the Presbytery. A Licentiate was appointed as a Missionary in February 1846.

1855 Grangemouth United Presbyterian Church formed (to become Grange Church).

1856 His successor as a Missionary was ordained to the Ministry.

1859 Grangemouth United Presbyterian Church Building opened.

1863 In December Lord Zetland granted a site and £100 to establish a building fund for a church.

1866 In April the building was dedicated and opened for worship.

1897 The congregation was split following and estrangement between the minister and certain office bearers over the precentor and the majority left to form the Kerse Church. Grangemouth had a poplulation of 7000 and there were five churches.

1900 With the national union between the United Presbyterian Church and the Free Church Grange Church became Grange United Free Church.

1902 Old Parish – While protracted negotiations were ongoing with the Caledonian Railway Company over compulsory purchase of the church building and a new site was sought.

1903 The new Grange Church building in Park Road was opened.

1910 The foundation stone of the new church was laid (Old Parish).

1911 The present church building was opened.

1929 The national union of this year between the United Free Church and the Church of Scotland brought the Grange Church back within the Church of Scotland.

1991 Grange Church and Old Parish Church were united to form Zetland Parish Church.