Door Duty Rota



It is vital that all Office Bearers attend for duty on their allocated dates.

If you are unable to attend for duty on the allocated dates then it your own responsibility to contact another Office Bearer to swap to a suitable date or to arrange suitable cover.

Whilst on duty Office Bearers are also required to act as stewards in the event of an emergency evacuation. Please see Procedures for Evacuation of the Church in an Emergency.


05 C Russell M Robertson A Kidd M Kidd S Kemp J Fowlis
12 G Scaife L Scaife K Arthur M Black J Alexander J Miller
19 A McPhail M McPhail J Kemp I Laird S Stirling W McKay
26 J Walker D McMillan J Hermse I Borwick N Borwick I Muir


02 L Henderson G Henderson L Beattie J Wardlaw K Spence D Allan
09 A Houghton M Fullerton A Frew M Forsyth H Binnie F Binnie
16 V Hogg G Hogg M Stannage C Monteith R Monteith B Jones
23 A Furmage M Campbell S Mitchell E Smith D Lyon L Lyon
30 W Kidd A Davidson D Punton I Frew I Glassey M Dickson


07 L Urbanczyk R Price J Marshall M Myles F Myles J Crosson
14 Alx Kidd C Clason J Thomson A Philip D Farquhar C Vause
21 M Kidd A Kidd J Simpson K Weir W Speirs G Spence
28 H Black K Anderson C Weir W Grant A Scott J Fowlis


04 A McPhail M McPhail J Kemp C Russell W McKay L Scaife
11 G Scaife L Scaife M Black K Arthur J Alexander J Miller
18 I Borwick N Borwick M Robertson S Kemp J Walker B Jones
25 D McMillan J Hermse I Laird S Stirling D Allan I Muir


02 L Beattie L Henderson G Henderson W Kidd M Fullerton D Punton
09 G Hogg V Hogg L Urbanczyk M Campbell J Simpson A Scott
16 H Black J Marshall D Farquhar M Stannage D Lyon L Lyon
23 J Crosson H Binnie F Binnie A Furmage R Price C Clason
30 E Smith A Davidson K Anderson M Forsyth M Dickson W Grant


06 J Wardlaw K Weir R Monteith C Monteith K Spence C Vause
13 Alx Kidd M Myles F Myles C Weir W Speirs G Spence
20 J Thomson A Houghton A Frew I Glassey I Borwick N Borwick
27 A Philip I Frew S Mitchell C Russell L Beattie L Scaife

Grangemouth Zetland Parish Church of Scotland. Scottish Charity No. SC013114