Church Magazine – June 2022


Summer 2022 Letter from the Manse.

Hello everyone,

I do hope this finds you all adapting to life with no restrictions once again? It’s been a long 2 years- but you don’t need me to tell you that! I understand that some of you may still be feeling anxious about getting out and about and about receiving visitors, but if you would like me to visit, (with my mask on) please let me or your elder know.

The Kirk Session would love to see you worshipping with us all again, taking part in the life and worship of Zetland, which helps us support each other. During the Covid pandemic, many people have been struggling physically, emotionally and spiritually. Please remember the words from Luke 11;9,10- “keep on asking and it will be given YOU; keep on seeking, and YOU will find; keep on knocking, and it will be opened to YOU. For everyone asking receives, and everyone seeking finds, and to everyone knocking it will be opened.

In Luke 22;54-62- The Gospel says “The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter. Then Peter remembered the word the Lord had spoken to him.” After all Peter said to Jesus during the last supper, Peter’s 3 very public and definite denials of knowing Jesus, still makes stunning reading. Was Peter aware that Jesus had heard and seen him? 

Do you remember getting “that look” from a parent, boss or spouse? Peter will have known the “Jesus’ look”- since the first day they met. Peter would have also known the “compassionate Jesus’ look,” as he healed his mum-in-law, and the look of delight, as Peter walked on the water to meet him, before he began to sink. There must have been so many times when Peter was encouraged to know Jesus’ look. But now, Peter left the courtyard crying as he denied knowing Jesus, his friend.                                                                                               

The “I am with you” promise of Jesus reminds us, Jesus is with us every moment of every day. Jesus heard Peter’s denial, just as he heard many things that I wish, I hadn’t said or done! Jesus has looked straight into my life, and I have remembered and wept bitterly too. But as with Peter, I don’t believe Jesus ever looks with anger or condemnation. For Peter, there was forgiveness and reinstatement. (Jh 21; 15-19)                       

So no matter our doubts, fears, our questioning or lack of faith- the Jesus’ look of compassion and forgiveness is there for us too.

If you are feeling low, doubting, lost, lonely- Please reflect on the following words;

At my lowest, God is my Hope. At my darkest, God is my Light. At my weakest, God is my Strength. At my saddest, God is my Comforter.

I hope and pray you all have a peaceful and restful Summer and we will see you back in Church soon. Please bring a friend(s) along to our praise service on Sunday 19th June. We look forward to seeing you all.

God Bless



I came across a poem entitled

Hang it On The Cross” by Lisa O. Engehardt

If you have a secret sorrow, a burden or a loss, an aching need for healing. Hang It On The Cross.

If worry steals your sleep and makes you turn and toss, if your heart is feeling heavy, Hang It On The Cross.

Every obstacle to faith or doubt you come across, every prayer unanswered, Hang It On The Cross.

For Christ has borne our brokenness and dearly paid the cost, To turn our trials to triumph, Hanging On The Cross.



June 5th – Worship including Holy Communion for Pentecost. Praise in the Park and Picnic for the Queen’s Jubilee at 2pm. Bring or wear something red, white or blue.

June 11th – Zetland Park War Memorial Re-dedication (10.30am)

June 12th – Worship at 10.30am

June 18th– Presbytery meeting at Motherwell. Children’s Day.

June 19th– Praise service including Prize-giving and Annual Stated Meeting.

June 21st– Kirk Session meeting ay 7pm in the hall. Please come along.

June 26th – Summer United Worship at 10.30am with the congregations of Abbotsgrange and Kirk of the Holy Rood in Zetland Church.

July 3rd– Worship at 10.30am. Praise in the Park and Picnic at 2pm- Hopefully near the CoG flag at 2pm.

July 9th– Wedding at 1pm of Andrew Penman and Kellie Mears

July 17th– Worship at 10.30am with Rev Ronald Matandakufa- Pulpit Exchange weekend.

July 24th– Worship at 10.30am

July 31st– Summer United Worship at 11am at Kirk of the Holy Rood.

Aug 7th– Worship at 10.30am

Aug 10-12th ; Children’s Holiday Club in Zetland Park from 10.30am-12.30pm. Parents must remain with children. Bring along a picnic.

Aug 13th– Holiday Club Praise in the Park at 11am. Please come along and enjoy a Saturday morning, singing in the park.

Aug 14th– Worship at 10.30am with the preacher from Abbotsgrange Church.

Aug 20th– Wedding at 2pm of Alannah Hay and Calum Coleman

Aug 21st– Worship at 10.30am

Aug 28th– United Worship at 10.30am at Abbotsgrange Church.

Sep 3rd– Presbytery meeting at Motherwell.

You will notice that over the summer we are having united services on the last Sunday of the month and pulpit exchanges in July and August. The ministers and session clerks hope and pray you will support those services.


“Entered into the God’s Heavenly Peace.”

25th March- Agnes Bowie, Reddingmuirhead

11th April- Ann Fraser, Oswald Rd.

11th April- Mary Bird, Crichton Dr


“Two become one.”

8th April- *Euan Meikle to Sarah Saum, Maddiston.


Please note; The spaces marked as parking bays at the side of the church/manse are reserved for those who have mobility issues.


Susan Galloway;

As you will read in this magazine, we have said a fond farewell to Susan. Susan has been with us since September 2021, and has become an integral part of our congregation. We thank her for her input into the life and worship of the congregation.

Although Susan has been with us, during Covid- she has endeared herself to you all, taking an active role in the Bible Study and quiz, singing with the choir, as well as visiting the organisations when able. Susan has just sat her final exam and of course we hope she passes as she will be progressing to her probationary period, somewhere! On behalf of you all, we wish Susan God’s blessing as she continues her journey of service as a Probationary OLM.

Thank you Susan for your support and guidance (Susan has helped me with the recording of services!!!) and for not being frightened to assist when able. Thank you. You will continue to be in our prayers.



Congregational Groups.

If anyone would like to be involved in our Pastoral, Worship, Mission and/or Resources group, please speak to Alison, Woody or Les. You are all able to be part of the group



Love …. ties everything completely together. Cols 3 – 14.

Please add these points to your own prayers.

Our Church family, our Minister Alison who leads us as we move
forward in faith.

Those missing from worship the housebound, residents in care homes and

Places of worship in our town.

Churches who suffer persecution for their faith in Jesus and  

Those who doubt
The mentally ill
The lonely

The anxious

—— To be reassured.

—— To find peace of mind.

—— To find companionship.
—— To find a listening ear.

All those for whom life is difficult — the sick, the disabled, the bereaved.

Families where there is separation, where children are affected.

People who need to use the foodbank and those who support it.

To Ponder:

Never let your computer know you are in a hurry.

. . . the patient in spirit are better than the proud in spirit. Eccl 7-8

When you meet temptation, keep. to the right!

Pray that ye enter not into temptation. Luke 22- 40.

Prayer Requests

If you are in need of prayer for yourself or others, please place a request in the
box at the church door. All that is needed is a first name or the situation or call 484458 leaving information in the strictest confidence.

May 2022


Falkirk Food Bank

We are collecting for the food bank and any food can be left at the back of the church.

The Food Bank is getting very low on food and if you could donate 1 or 2 items it would be very much appreciated. 

This is some of the things that are needed:  Milk(UHT or powdered) Fruit Juice(carton) Cereals,  Pasta Sauces,  Tinned Sponge Pudding, Tinned Tomatoes,  Tinned Veg, Soup, Tinned Rice Pudding, Tea bags/Instant Coffee, Instant Mash Potatoes,  Rice/Pasta, Tinned Meat/Fish  Tinned Fruit, Jam, Biscuits or snack bars

They also give out shampoo, deodorant, disposable Razors, Soap etc

At the moment they do not need Toothpaste as they have had a supply from NHS.

The Foodbank have been very glad of the food we have donated recently.


Julia Marshall

May 2022


So long , farewell……….

As I come to the end of my placement here , I can hardly believe that eight months have flown by.  In September last year I stepped into the beautiful sanctuary at Zetland, filled with excitement and trepidation in equal measure. I was not sure how I would fit in, if I would be able to do whatever was asked of me, how I would get to know everyone, especially since we were all hidden behind face masks.  I need not have worried, from the very first moment I felt welcomed by  Alison, Hugh and all of you.  I still feel the excitement when I come along on a Sunday, but the trepidation has gone because it feels so comfortable and natural joining in fellowship with you now.

People always say that time flies when you are enjoying yourself and I can testify to the truth of that as I have enjoyed every minute and every experience as the months have just disappeared.  It has been a wonderful experience working with and learning from Alison and being encouraged to try new ideas during worship.  I thank you for allowing me to use you all as guinea pigs, and for your patience especially sometimes when my prayers or sermons  have been a bit too long!  Thanks, must also go to Brian and the choir for allowing me to join them during the Holy Week services, it was a joy to be included.  Thank you also to the Bible study group which has transformed my Wednesday evenings, if you have never attended, you would be amazed at how much fun you can have whilst learning, it has been truly uplifting.

My most sincere thanks go to all of you, I am extremely grateful for all the support and encouragement that you have shown me.  It has been an absolute pleasure to be in fellowship with you and have the privilege of helping to lead worship week by week.  You have made my time at Zetland very special, I will never forget that and I will certainly miss you all.

I’m not saying Goodbye, because I hope I can look forward to seeing you all again soon.     So, for now it’s thank you and farewell.




The 2021 Annual Report and Accounts has been approved by the Congregational Board, signed off by our Independent Examiner and will be presented to the congregation at the Annual Stated Meeting in June.  A small number of printed copies of the annual report are available or if you would like an electronic version please speak to a member of the finance group.

General Account 2022

At the end of March 2022 the General Account is showing a deficit of £753.  This year we are facing cost pressures on a number of fronts.  Our Ministries and Mission payment to the Church of Scotland has increased by £5,233 from 2021 and Presbytery Dues are more than double what was paid in previous years.  Taken together with expected increases in energy costs means that our reserve levels are likely to take another significant hit this year.  Our reserve funds have been built up over many many years and whilst we are fortunate to have these – once they are spent they are gone!

A summary of income and expenditure for the first quarter of 2022 is shown below:-


  Total to

31 Mar. 2022




Miscellaneous Income




Total Income  17,415

Local Ministry

Local Congregational Purposes




Total Expenditure            18,168
Deficit at 31/3/22               753


Easy Fundraising

 If you are in the habit of purchasing items over the Internet, then please consider doing so via this website.

If you log onto the website, you will be asked the name of the charity that you wish to benefit from your purchase, which is Zetland Parish Church Grangemouth and then it will ask which shop you would like to go to.

There are 1000’s of shops to choose from. If you do go onto the site and then onto a shop, and then buy an item, our Church will get a small percentage of the cost of the item.

The website address is:

To date our Church has gained £946.53 due to people kindly taking the time to purchasing via the easy fund raising website.

There are only a few of us who have logged onto easy fundraising, maybe you can help out too at no cost to yourselves.


Health & Safety

Since our previous Church Magazine, that was published at Easter, there have been a number of changes as to how we do things in the Sanctuary due to the removal of all legal Covid restrictions that applied to Churches.

Wearing a face covering in Church is no longer mandatory and is now an individual choice and if you prefer to continue wearing a face covering in Church you are very welcome to do so.

The one metre distancing markers that we had on the pew tops and the floor in the Sanctuary have now been removed and worshippers can now sit where they choose including the balcony and the south side pews. The white cords that were fitted to every second pew top have also been removed and the Sanctuary now looks very much like it used to do pre Covid.

The one way system and controlled exiting of the Sanctuary has also ended and worshippers can now leave the Sanctuary by either the main door or the exit to the Church Hall area.

Hymn Books and Pew Bibles have also been reintroduced and have been placed at the end of each pew.

The Sanctuary will continue to be ventilated before services take place and hand sanitiser is still available at the main entrance and also the Hall entrance and worshippers are encouraged to make use of this facility.

The offering will continue to be collected by way of the plate being located at the main entrance rather than going back to passing the collection bags along the pews.

Communion will also continue to be carried out as it is currently, so please bring along your own condiments (water/juice/biscuit etc) to Communion.

So, Church life on a Sunday is getting back to normal once more and very similar to how things were before the arrival of Covid. Please come along, see the latest changes and feel at home again!

Robert Weir

May 2022



 It is pleasing to see that the viewing figures for our Church Website are slowly increasing as the months go by.

 Since the start of 2022 our website has averaged 583 visits every month compared to 440 visits per month for the same period in 2021. Although these figures are better they do pale into insignificance when looking back to 2015 when the website attracted an average of 1,334 visits per month over the year and unfortunately the viewing figures have been in a steady decline every year since then.

 After the welcome/home page the most popular pages viewed since the start of the year are; Grangemouth Churches Live, Zetland Church – Our Future, The Diary, Weekly Sunday Sermons and Reopening Zetland Parish Church.

 Our website Firewall continues to be kept busy blocking possible malicious activity from various countries around the world and in the past week most of the failed attempts at trying to access our website were from: France, USA, Germany and Ukraine.

 If you would like any appropriate articles published on the website or have any ideas to help make our website more interesting please get in touch.

 Our Church email Inbox is also getting busier as Covid has less of an impact on our daily lives.  Bett J. is now receiving more email correspondence again which she forwards on to the relevant person in our Church organisation. I would like to thank Bett for continuing to administer the email system all through times of Covid and I am sure that it is appreciated by us all in Church.

 Robert Weir

 May 2022



I thought I would put pen to paper with my personal reflections over the last two years. Your own opinion may be different but I hope you may see some similarities.

How have you managed during these last two years?

If you are anything like me it has certainly left an indelible mark. With many legal restrictions imposed and even more self-imposed.

I personally have felt anxious and acutely aware of personal space or social distancing, as we have all come to know it.

For me, it has also impacted on my in-Church attendance and I have been so grateful for modern technology and the ability to participate in live-streamed services. My faith is still intact.

It has been a long term period of confinement and social isolation and this is not good for the soul and our previously natural ways of getting together.

However I feel that it is time to dip that toe into the water of our ‘new normal ‘. We have been conditioned and formed new habits.  So it will be a challenge to change these habits and re-enter Church life and see what we can all do to make a difference.  It all starts with small steps and added together, we can make a giant leap forward.

I know that change will happen in Grangemouth with 3 church buildings coming down to 1 church building. However we are all the Church and until the change does take place, we have a beautiful Church building in Zetland that we are all caretakers of. By working together, we can keep things going and serve both the Church community and the people of Grangemouth.

This is our opportunity to take action with the help of the Holy Spirit. We can think about joining one of the many church groups and use our skills and talents.

It feels like we have been in hibernation and asleep for the last two years. I know that I need to be more awake and listen to where God is leading me. Are you ready to join me?

I hope you feel ready to make that first small step towards making big change.

Wishing you every Blessing.

Liz Urbanczyk.


Sunday School

It has been great seeing and hearing the children back in Church and have enjoyed the attendance of around eight children on a regular basis.

The lessons have been based on ‘Spill The Beans’ learning material to assist with their understanding of our faith in a worship context, focussed on story telling.  Children and adults hold stories in their being and keep coming back to them throughout their life. Our culture is stored in story. The same is true for our faith. Spill the Beans is a work of love.

Children and the adults amongst the Sunday School are looking forward to our trip on  Sunday 12th June to the 5 Sisters Zoo in Livingston and we will leave from the Sunday Service and have a walk through the Church on our way and a little farewell wave would be appreciated by all. ?

Prize giving will be on Sunday 19th June during a family service where we will encourage the children to bring a friend along. All children will be very welcome to come along to this service.

Karen Hind


85+ Afternoon Tea

In the absence of our 85+ Afternoon Tea event which has been held for many years and enjoyed by all – we are arranging for an afternoon tea delivery to our members in that age group – of whom we are lucky to have a good number.   

This will be in recognition of our Queens  Platinum Jubilee and a box of goodies will be hand delivered on Saturday 4th June by a small group of willing volunteers from our Church.

Happy Jubilee!

Karen Hind

May 2022


Church Garden Group

The garden group is back to full strength with Margaret Smith and Anne Davidson joining us and Agnes recovered after her stint of Covid.

Although the weather has been a bit erratic, the gardeners have been able to get the gardens looking a bit more presentable with daffodils deadheaded, grass cut, edges trimmed, borders hoed and weeded and dead wood cut out of the roses. The roses have been showing a heavy infestation of greenfly this year but a couple of sprays and it seems to have done the trick, the big challenge is to eradicate the black spot but we will fight on. Pat has kindly purchased some primroses and added them to the Strathcarron memorial garden which will provide some interest now that the Crocuses have died down. The three main flower beds have had new edges cut and compost added to prepare them for our summer bedding displays which will commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee in the form of red, white and blue bedding plants. The challenge is to avoid a design that does not reflect the Russian flag (blue, white and red)!

The wooden bench donated by Ann Philip to commemorate the death of her late husband Bob has been reinstalled in its position after over-wintering in the shed and you may have noticed some “instant” hanging baskets appearing outside the church main door and along the front, if you shut one eye they almost look real! Hugh has planted a sunflower at each of the pillars on the front wall so hopefully and with kind permission of the slugs we can have some interest there around late July / August.

The azaleas are looking fantastic just now, a blaze or red and the hostas are fairly sprouting up, another slug favourite unfortunately. With the weather changing over the next month you will see a lot of changes as the roses bloom and bedding displays take shape which should herald the start of summer, roll on the warm weather.



May 2022


7th Grangemouth Boys Brigade

When you read this we will have finished up for the year.  I can’t believe that we managed the whole year without having to close for Covid.  We did have a few boys off nearly every week due to Covid or isolating so it was always threatening.

 For next session I have listed below the times and the school years for all boys.  We will be hoping to start back the end of August or the beginning of September.

Anchor Boys, Primary 1, 2 and 3  from 6.30 – 7.30

Junior Section, Primary 4, 5 and 6 from 6.30 – 8.00

Company Section, Primary 7 – 18 years old from 6.30 – 8.00.

Since writing for the last magazine, we have been so busy enjoying ourselves and working hard for our achievements.  The boys still love Dodge the Ball but have also been learning a few new games which were explained to us by the boys.  One was Elephant football and the other was a game of tig with a difference!

We will have had our picnic in the park and this year we have invited the parents to attend and we will have given the boys their achievements in front of their parents.

We do not yet know what will be happening with the Boys Brigade next year as we still have to have a meeting with 1st Grangemouth, but we will work together to make it work as one Company when we go to one Church.

The Officers would like to thank the parents for sending the boys every week and to the boys for making every week such an enjoyable experience.

We would also like to thank the Church for all their support through the years.


7th Grangemouth Boys Brigade

May 2022


June’s Activities

Spectacles   –   I am still accepting old spectacles. I will not say glasses as I was once given 6 tumblers!!!!   So, it is spectacles, not glasses. The Lions Charity Association collect them and they are used to help in other countries.

Stamps  –  I know people don’t get as many letters now, but I still collect the stamps. They go to the R.N.I.B at the Sensory Centre in Camelon. I like people to know where things go, and that I just don’t throw them in the bin!!!

Mary’s Meals  –  Sad news about this Charity. They are no longer making up backpacks as it is too expensive to send them to the relevant countries. The last consignment cost £100,000.00 to actually transport the backpacks.

 But, John, who was the Speaker for Mary’s Meals has been left with a vast number of tennis balls. All from the John Lloyd Tennis Club and in great condition. He is looking for a home for as many as possible. If you know of any place they could be used or you would like some, please speak to me as he would like them to go to a good home.

 We have had a relationship with this charity for a number of years now, and it just shows how Covid appears to have touched lots of parts of our lives. I shall miss all the backpacks, pencils, towels, notebooks, etc. that were stored in my garage it looks a bit empty. Our thoughts are with this charity as it goes through change and please keep it in your prayers. John would like to thank everyone who has supported him in the past, he said that he will miss coming to talk to the Guild.

Bags for Hope  –  I am still collecting handbags and toiletries for the ladies in Polmont Prison.

 As I explained in the past. Any lady leaving prison is given a new handbag and some toiletries to start her off in her new life. A woman’s handbag is a part of who she is. No matter the age of a female, they need a handbag from the littlest girl to the oldest lady. A woman with dementia always has a handbag if nothing else in her life, it reminds her of who she is, and therefore getting a new bag for a new start is a symbol.

 A nice shower gel, toothbrush, some body lotion, a nail varnish. They all add to a new life. Thanks to everyone who has donated in the past and continues to do so.


May 2022


The Guild

The Guild has been meeting once a fortnight for the last few weeks.

Our numbers have been very small and at this stage I would like to invite all our old, not in age!, members to come back to our meetings when we start again in September.

 For the committee information, a meeting has been arranged for 8th June at 2.00 p.m. in the Church Hall. It would be good if all the Committee could attend as we need to discuss dates and Speakers of course.

We have had afternoons of Bingo which are very popular. A Beetle Drive, lots of fun and rattling of dice. I didn’t win any of them so I don’t think I am going to play again! ?

We discussed how different happenings in our lives affected the seed of faith which had been planted in our hearts. Or, how that seed had grown and developed into the deep and lasting faith we have at the moment.

We planted coffee beans and discussed what a seed needed to grow.

Good soil.

 Light, do not hide your light under a bushel Jesus told us.

Warmth, the feeling of warmth in our heart when we realise what Jesus does and keeps doing for each of us. Even if we wander away, He always brings us back and welcomes us with his warmth.

Water, the blood of Christ who died for us waters our faith.

Care, and this is where we felt the Church came in. We should all care for each other. Want to welcome each other into the house of God and not to leave anyone out. Colour, creed, rich or poor. no-one should be made to feel they are not a part of and welcomed into the Church. No little cliques, keeping people out. No “That is my seat, I always sit there”. Everyone should be made to feel important, and their seed will flourish and grow.

We should, from our plants, get enough beans to make a cup of coffee. We shall wait and see!!!

This just a flavour of what is to come when The Guild meet in September, so come along and enjoy companionship and love.


May 2022


Zetland Stitchers

Although we have now finished meeting for the summer, some of our members have been busy knitting red, white and blue hearts and bunting to decorate the church for the Jubilee celebrations. 

They are now in place in the church, and we hope lots of our church members will come on Sunday mornings to view the fruits of our labours.

Joan Hermse

May 2022


Tea’s & Coffee

This has been up and running now for the past few months and the team of volunteers have adapted well to the changes required to be compliant with covid guidelines.

I’m sure their efforts are very much appreciated as many of the congregations enjoy their cuppa and fellowship with friends after the service.

If you’re able and would like to volunteer, please contact Margaret Campbell or Alison. Please note men are also welcome to join the team.

We are especially looking for one additional person to ‘buddy ‘ up a member of the team.  Phone Margaret on 07909 695 233 for more information. 

Margaret Campbell

May 2022