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Aug 282019

If you would like to help, please add your name to therota. If you do not have a partner to help you – don’t worry- just add your name and someone will help.



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Aug 282019

There is a new year planner on the board for 2019-2020. It would be
great if groups/meetings/events are written on the planner with the pen provided.



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Aug 282019

If anyone would like to consider going to Maastricht in July 2020, by bus to see Andre RIeu, please add your name to the list.



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Aug 282019

HYMNS: If you would like a particular hymn to be sung on a Sunday, for a particular time in your life, please let Alison know.


Monthly Lunches

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Jul 242019

The next monthly lunch will be Wednesday 2nd October 2019 –  11.30am – 1.30pm. Cost £4.00


Hospital Appointments

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Jan 062019

Please let Alison or your district elder know as soon as possible if anyone is in hospital as visits can be arranged. Also, when someone is discharged from hospital please let Alison know as soon as possible.



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Mar 032018

SUNDAY 15th Worship, Sunday School and creche at 10.30am Worship will be led by
Raheel Arif


Sunday Service CD’s

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Dec 042017

The Sunday Service’s are now being recorded onto CD’s for use in the household. If you would like a copy or know someone who may like to hear the Sunday Service please see Adam McPhail.


Bible Reading

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Jul 092017

There is a new list available for adding your name to if you would like to read the Bible Lesson in Church. If you are unsure, speak to Alison>


Zetland Rag Bag Appeal

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Oct 042015

easter april 15 169 Please remember the clothing appeal is ongoing. If you’re putting clothes, bags, shoes, jackets, belts, hats – any clothing, sheets or towels please put in bags and bring to church. (No duvets, pillows or cushions)


Falkirk Food Bank Collection

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Apr 152013

Anyone wishing to donate non-perishable food should place items in the Shopping Trolley Bag at the rear of the church. Recommended items are UHT Milk, sugar, carton of fruit juice, tinned soup, tinned beans/spaghetti, pasta sauces, rice/pasta, tinned custard/rice, tinned vegetables, cereals, tea bags/coffee, instant mashed potato, tinned meat/fish and tinned fruit/puddings. Baby goods as well as personal care items are now also required; toilet rolls, toothpaste, nappies, baby wipes etc…